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Rotomolded Air/ventilation ducts

Rotoplast, a leading rotomolding manufacturer

For nearly 30 years, Rotoplast has provided custom rotomolding subcontracting services across various products, including rotomolded Air/ventilation ducts.


We've embraced the technological shift of Industry 4.0 by:

  • Automating our operations with the introduction of advanced robotics in our production line

  • Integrating IoT sensors to collect real-time data from all machinery

  • Implementing AI-optimized analysis software to enhance manufacturing performance.

As a result, we manufacture more quickly and accurately.

As the only ISO 9001 certified rotational molder in Quebec, Rotoplast sets the standard for controlled and cutting-edge development.

Our Rotomolded air/ventilation ducts :


Description: Oversized 2-zone windshield de-icing duct. Multiple high-definition openings for aesthetics, symmetry and operating efficiency.

Overall dimensions: 90''X6''X10''.
Material: Molded in dry-blended black polyethylene (MDPE).


Why Choose Rotomolding for Your AIR DUCTS?


Outstanding Durability


Unlike other manufacturing methods, roto molding ensures a consistent wall thickness and seamless construction, reducing weak points that might break. The result? Air Ducts that can withstand harsh conditions while safeguarding their contents.


Weather Resistance

The material used in roto molding is not only durable but also UV-resistant, ensuring the Air Duct remains resilient and its colour doesn't fade over time.


CARGO BOX II-min.jpg

Customizable Design

One of the main advantages of rotomolding is its design flexibility. Unlike other manufacturing methods that have design constraints, rotomolding allows for intricate designs and custom solutions. Whether you're looking for specific sizes, shapes, or features, our rotomolded Air ducts can be tailored to your needs, ensuring functionality and aesthetic appeal.


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