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The process

Plastic powder is packed into a mold which is then placed into a high-temperature oven which turns on two axes. The powder melts, leaving a layer of plastic on the inside surface of the mould. The mould is then cooled to allow the plastic to solidify. Finally, the mould is opened to free the perfectly formed piece that has just been produced.

During the manufacture of the piece, a multitude of elements can be included such as: metal threaded inserts, molded threads, openings, graphics, etc.

In addition, almost all finishes can be created with the help of various textures and/or paints. The process also permits the production of complex forms in a variety of material, while controlling the thickness of the walls.

The advantages

  • Cost of tooling is quite low in comparison with the injection or blow molding process;
  • Low cost of pieces;
  • Permits the production of small or large quantities;
  • Infinite possibilities for surface finishing with textures and 3D lettering;
  • Unlimited choice of colors;
  • Control of thickness in the walls;
  • FDA approved;
  • Great production flexibility: metal inserts, molded threads, openings, etc.;
  • Simple or complex pieces, either small or large;
  • No welding or joints

The enterprise

Founded in 1994, ROTOPLAST operates in the plastics sector and has used the rotational molding process since the beginning. Over the years, we have become specialized in sub-contracting for all types of companies with a variety of needs in terms of production volume. Along the way we have perfected our methods and developed great flexibility which today allows us to perfectly respond to the needs of our clients by offering them tailor made parts, but especially by adapting our production to their real needs. To achieve this, ROTOPLAST counts on a dynamic team of some 40 employees in East Farnham, QC plant located 45 minutes east of Montreal, near the Eastern Townships Highway 10.

Mathieu Arsenault (left) and Sébastien Daudelin (right), owners of Rotoplast

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