Integrated service

ROTOPLAST integrates several innovative functions into its processes which allows to better respond to current market demands. As well, ROTOPLAST has a commitment to its clients to develop a profound knowledge about the company in question, to be able to better target its needs and constraints while still respecting its budget and deadlines.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

ROTOPLAST also offers a CAD service for new products development process. This service includes complete 2D and 3D designs, technical specifications and computer graphics. To achieve this service, the professionals at ROTOPLAST rely on the SolidWorks software program.


To facilitate the transition by its clients toward the rotational molding concept, ROTOPLAST also offers a tooling service for molds at more than competitive prices.

Molded pieces

Tall pieces are produced in four large-capacity computerized ovens specifically designed to permit reliable production that meet the highest standards of quality. Here are some of their unique characteristics:

  • Large dimensional capacity;
  • High velocity air circulation system;
  • Uniform heat distribution.

Assembling and finishing

Finally, in addition to molding pieces of every description, ROTOPLAST offers several lines of finishing for assembling of products from specific supply items according to the needs of its clients. To carry this out, its equipments can be used to cut, bore and assemble pieces with the goal of adding extra value to the product. This way, clients benefit from products that are ready to be shipped to their clients or ready to be assembled on their own production lines.

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